Our Services

We specialise in assisting farmers with the various Department of Agriculture grants and schemes.

Basic Payment Scheme Applications

The Basic Payment Scheme is the basis of a lot of other Department schemes and Liam has been completing these forms for over 25 years. It was formerly called the ‘Area Aid’, and then the ‘Single Payment’ and is now the BISS (Basic Income Support and Sustainability). A large proportion of a farmer’s income can come from this application and we give it the precise attention to detail that this application requires.

Nitrates and Nutrient Planning

Nitrates derogations are required for highly stocked farmers, generally dairy farmers, and involves a nutrient plan for the farm.

ACRES applicants require soil samples for their farm. And higher stocked farmers and tillage farmers require soil samples also.

Exporting slurry is an option for some highly stocked farmers to reduce their Nitrates.

Setting up as a Farmer'

We prepare the necessary paperwork and submit all applications for new herd numbers and those taking over existing herd numbers, whether it is on owned or leased land. This may involve applying to the Young Farmer / National Reserve and / or transfer of entitlements depending on the farmer’s circumstances.

Farm Entitlements

Farmers established their most recent entitlements in 2015. The complex nature of entitlements and greening means that this has to be dealt with precisely, and Liam has vast experience with entitlements, and has been dealing with them since they were initially established using the base years of 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Environmental Schemes

It is over 25 years since Liam submitted his first Reps plan to the Department. Since then he has dealt with all the various environmental schemes, including four Reps schemes, three Aeos schemes, three Glas Schemes, and presently is dealing with the  ACRES schemes.

These schemes require a large amount of knowledge and experience on the fine detail involved in each scheme.
Farmers are assisted in choosing the most suitable options for their farm and Liam also deals with the Department Inspections and records. Liam is there to assist farmers for the full 5 year term of their application, and is available to answer any query that the client may have, and deal with any Department issue promptly.

Farmyard Grants

Liam assists farmers with their grant applications, and where Planning Permission is required, he refers them on to his colleagues who specialise in this.